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Registering for myLIFEplus

Upon downloading myLIFEplus, you will be prompted to register as a user. The information collected by the registration fields creates a secure experience for each user by requiring a protected username, password and backup hint in order to access Vital Scores, Challenges and other personal content in the app.

Providing your e-mail address enables you to easily share myLIFEplus challenges and articles with others via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. When sharing via Facebook and Twitter, you must give the app permission to synch with your social media profiles by following the prompts provided when accessing these sites through myLIFEplus.

Entering your birth date and gender allows myLIFEplus to provide accurate Vital Score comparisons between similar users.

myLIFEplus also asks users whether or not they are currently enrolled as a patient of 1) A medical doctor, and 2) A chiropractor. Users who check the box stating they do see a chiropractor will be asked to enter the name of their chiropractor. This allows us the opportunity to potentially add your doctor to the chiropractor database.

All information collected by the registration page, as well as all information collected by the app itself, is secure unless intentionally shared by you (as when choosing to share a challenge) and is in accordance with current HIPPA regulations.

Are you a chiropractor? Do you want to be listed in Life University’s myLIFEplus mobile application’s free provider database and make your practice searchable to new patients? Please fill out and submit this form.  We plan to update the provider database beginning August 2011.

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Wow, what a great idea! Congratulations! (posted: Jan 31, 2011)

If you are interested in becoming a listed provider, please contact us at (posted: Jan 24, 2011)

I'm interested in becoming a provider for the "mylifeplus" program. how do i participate ?? please advise. Thanks, Dr. Shant A karayan (posted: Jan 18, 2011)