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Submitting Articles for Approval

Once you are logged in to the Provider portal, click on the Knowledge link at the top right hand side of the screen. Click on the (+) button to unlock the Knowledge Detail edit box at the bottom of the screen and enter/edit your content according to the fields provided. Titles should be very brief (10 words or fewer); Descriptions should be no longer than one sentence in length (20 words or fewer); and the Content Url (if you are including one) should contain the “http://” designation. You may leave the Keywords blank; the myLIFEplus staff will add these during the approval process. Be sure to select which dimension the content applies to (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Environmental or Spiritual), and the Content Type (Article, Video, Url, Image, PDF) you are adding. If adding an Article, you may copy and paste your content directly into the Article field. If you are adding an Image, PDF, or Video, the content must be hosted on another site and then linked using the Content Url field. You should also include a Title and brief Description. Once you have completed all fields to your satisfaction, click on the “OK” button on the bottom right of the edit box to submit your content to myLIFEplus staff for approval. If you need assistance uploading your content, please contact Molly Dickinson,; 678-331-4342.

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Wow, what a great idea! Congratulations! (posted: Jan 31, 2011)

If you are interested in becoming a listed provider, please contact us at (posted: Jan 24, 2011)

I'm interested in becoming a provider for the "mylifeplus" program. how do i participate ?? please advise. Thanks, Dr. Shant A karayan (posted: Jan 18, 2011)